try to compil

Jun 9, 2011 at 10:32 AM


I discoverd your tools and it's seems pretty cool but (like people, I have soms error) so

and because I have time, I decide to check the code and if I can , make patch.

but I have somes trouble to compile the thing,

what I ve done,

a checkout of

then, I see directory like AStyle, BuildProcess,e tc...  and a Release 0.5 and a release 06 but no release 0.7 (or the last version is 0.7)

so I suppose it's in Release 0.6).

I open the solution in it and try to compile but there is no dependencies. so I start to read HowToBuild.txt (yeah I no, I sould start by that :D).

I download the fxstle dll and would like to download sharpziplib but the site seems to be down


any idea ?


PS : personnaly, I don't understand why the dll dependncy is not directly into the svn (for fxcop, ziplib and AStyle) like that, we just need to open the solution and compile,I thing it's easier no ?